Class of 1948 will be having their 60th year class reunion this year. They will have a special time at Cornerstone Bank on May 23rd. At this time about 16 members will be present with their families.

This picture was taken in 1948.
front row: Delores Morlan Trumbley, Maggie Brown, JoAnn Hall Matli, Barbara Legate Mohler, N. Ruth Crosley Stroud, Maxine Pearson Strack, Dean Phillips, Roberta Strozier Veatch (deceased), Betty Clyborn, Richard Cox.

second row: Pat Odell, Don Karns, David Coryell, Jimmy Shaklee (deceased), Ed Pyle, Earl Greene, Josephine Matli Nault, Delton Lawless, Geneva Lamle Bradford, LaDonna Crail Boehm, Glenn Robinson (deceased), Temple Bixler.

top left side: Juanita Deulen Mills, Ira Hinkle (deceased), Wynona Ortner Roach.

top right side: Phyllis Scott Humphrey, Bob Halverson (deaceased), Dorothy Walter.

not shown: Stan Lowe, Bill Thrasher, Romano Choate Schrader, James Simmons (deceased), Ted Hursh