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Watonga, OK  73772


hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Welcome to Country Home Antiques......................................... where the past meets the future!


 Country Home Antiques invites you to come in
and reminisce in the past and the future. Express
yourself with our collection of Antiques,
home accessories, and gifts.

Country Home Antiques is located
in the Historic Downtown
Business District of Watonga, Oklahoma. The buildings
that we call home were built in the early 1900’s. They
were the local Hardware stores for a booming
community before statehood.

They continued as Hardware stores until the mid 1980’s
and then sat vacant until the mid 1990’s when the past
owners did a renovation and turned the
buildings into an Antique store.

 The Buildings
have a rich history,
and as you enter
the Rose Building
the first thing you
notice are the

They are
the original
Tins along with
the Crown Molding,
and Wood Floors
that make this a
true Antique
store setting.

Country Home Antiques.....   where we don't just sell antiques!
We strive to have or find what you are looking for.

Country Home Antiques is not made up of booths people rent but is a large clean store packed with antiques and collectibles acquired by one crazy couple who busted the walls out of their home and had to move to (not one) but three buildings.

This is a large clean store with all the items displayed as you would visualize them in your home.  You can enjoy decorating ideas here as you browse through the isles listening to the soft dulcimer and string instrumental music which is also sold here.


We not only sell antiques here but are proud to carry

Made in Oklahoma products

You can also find a large selection of Avon products you can purchase for yourself or already gift wrapped to you. 

We carry on our shelves the popular Skin-So-Soft which can be used for many purposes.  We would be glad to tell you about them.

We sell the popular popcorn blouses.

We have "PURE HONEY" made at Hydro Oklahoma only a few miles from Watonga.

such as Willis Original Chili Seasoning, made in Oklahoma City

We sell Watkins products.  Bakers love the pure vanilla, pepper and cinnamon and baking powder.

The Prairie Gypsies jams, jellies, sauces and dressing also made in Oklahoma City.

We are a TUPPERWARE dealer.  See the monthly sales.  Replace broken or lost TUPPERWARE here.



About the owners of Country Home Antiques:

Looking into our future, we had a dream of buying an old downtown two story building and having an antique store and making the upstairs our living quarters.

We slowly started the search for an old downtown building in Oklahoma that we could possibly afford to renovate. This appeared to maybe remain a dream after seeing the abandoned buildings in these small towns.

But it is amazing what you can find on the Internet, a downtown building in a small town for sale that already houses an antique store.

We drove to this small town, which we knew nothing about except they were well known for their cheese factory.



Our breath was taken away when we walked in that antique store and noted immediately the old tin ceilings and the old hardwood floors.

The previous owners did a marvelous job in restoring not only one building but two connected buildings where they enjoyed having their antique store and furniture refinishing business for the past 13 years.

They were reaching retirement age and were ready to enjoy that time in their life. So to our surprise our dream was half done and we loved it so much we have made our temporary living quarters in the back of the store until we get the upstairs renovated for our home.

That is why we have named our business COUNTRY HOME ANTIQUES as this is a store of our collections we have acquired over the past 10 years to make a country home.

As we pursue this project we strive to decorate with old things for you to enjoy or for you to purchase that we have acquired and welcome you into the past,