Senior Citizen Center Applauded!

Pansy Hollis, the Executive Director for the Watonga Senior Citizens Center received an 'Outstanding Volunteer' award from NODA on May 16, 2008.


 Pansy has served as coordinator of Senior Citizen Center since 2004. She doesn't accept payment and for the first 2 years she came in every day in order to conduct the business of the center and prepare the financial reports for the board meeting each month. She fills when the cooks are off (she is a fabulous cook and she loves to cook). Pansy often brings cinnamon rolls from home she has baked to serve the city workers on their daily coffee breaks. She's known for her delicious cream pies which she bakes at home and brings to the center to serve. Pansy is regularly involved in community happenings and etc. She is a talented quilt maker and helps many learn to quilt. She works on fundraising events of the center to support it's existence.

 The Watonga Senior Citizen's Center was chosen by NODA from 7 counties as the Outstanding Senior Center.


 When you walk in the door at the center, the room has a pleasing neat appearance of being well kept and clean. The kitchen being open-like looks inviting of the good meal being served. There are two cooks every day plus volunteers who provide assistance as needed. Donations and fundraisers support the center along with quilting money paid by those bringing in quilts to be quilted. Serving the Kiwanis Club once a week is another means of support. The center provides the meals on wheels every weekday that are delivered by volunteers. Meals in the center are served five days a week around games of dominoes, canastas and pitch. A quilting club meets at the center twice a month. Birthdays are celebrated every month on the last Friday with Bingo and prizes.


 For the Oklahoma Centennial in 2007 an attractive mural was painted on the center's building that is an inviting view for the public as they enter Watonga from the south. This was paid for by donations of individuals and business.