Our purpose is to provide all in the community an opportunity to learn theatre arts and to participate in production and management of non-professional theatre.  

The cast for THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB is as follows:
  Betsy, Meagan Mathews;      Lil, Ariana Farris;
Ann, Micky Morgan;      Nora, Meradith Hursh;
     Alice, Terri Boucher;      Mary, Nancy Hursh;
Connie, Joyce Ivins;      Martha, Nadine Pearson.
     Robert Foster, Jay Bessinger;      Gerald Porter, Jovan Perez.

Crew:  Janet Moore, Melissa Giles, Heather Simmons, Hilary Wright, Tiffany McDaniel, Arti Gosai, Billie Roane, William Hartfield, Josh Milliman.

Darryl Rodriquez and Ron Moore will design the set, Marie Tech will be the costumer, and James Tech will be the lighting designer, and Patt Curtin, the director. 


“Since the show is set in the 1930’s for the first act and the 1940’s for the second act, the theatre needs to borrow or have donated several period items,” Marie Tech, board president, said.”  “We really need an old wooden wheel chair and console radio of this era.  Donations of wigs, period clothing, purses, and shoes, are always appreciated, too.”  Please call 623-5984 or 623-4522 if you have anything like this.”


 Production dates for THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB are March31-April 3. 

Watonga Community Theatre’s spring show THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB features eight sisters who get together to support each other, offer advice, tell secrets, and occasionally finish a hand of bridge.


THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB comes to the Liberty stage in Watonga, for four productions,  Mar. 31, April 1, 2, 3.  The show runs nightly at 7:30 PM and has one Sunday matinee at 2:30 PM.


The eight sisters are joined by two young photographers who come to take their official portrait for The Providence Journal.   Set in New Jersey during the 30’s and 40’s, the Catholic sisters get together twice a month.  Although they are delighted to have their picture taken, the sisters also give the young men a lesson in their family history.


Playing the roles of the sisters are:  Nadine Pearson, Martha  McDermitt; Nancy Hursh, Mary Donavan; Meradith Hursh Norris, Nora Hiller; Joyce Ivins, Connie Emerson; Terri Boucher, Alice Monahan; Micky Morgan, Ann Conroy; Ariana Farris, Lil Carmody; Meagan Mathews, Betsy Bailey; Jovan Perez, Gerald Porter, and Jay Bessinger, Robert Foster.


Meradith Norris......................Now she can add this to her list of community involvement.  March 31st through April 3rd, Norris will play the role of Mrs. Lawrence Hiller (Nora), in Watonga Community Theatre’s production of THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB at the Liberty Theatre.  “Just from promoting Watonga and talking to other communities in the state, I knew that Watonga had a reputation for quality theatre.  It’s something that makes our town unique.  As a child and teenager I went to lots of movies at the old Rook theatre.  So, it’s really fun to be up on this stage.  It had been a long time since I had to memorize anything, but everyone is so supportive and encouraging that it has really been a lot of fun.  It’s a challenge but I’m glad I took the risk and auditioned.  Getting to be someone else is just one of the many benefits.  You also get to give something back to your community.”


Norris grew up in Hitchcock and is a graduate of Watonga schools.  Her parents, who still live in Hitchcock are Ted and Pat Hursh.  She and her husband Steve also live in Hitchcock.  He has worked as a live haul driver for Seaboard Foods in Hennessey for 10 years. He’s received the president’s award for two years in a row from his company    Her son Ryan works at the prison in Hinton. Norris says her hobbies include reading (Steven King is a favorite author) and decorating her house.  Her interest in decorating led her to a small business venture “Some More of Your Bees Wax”, a home-made line of bees wax candles.


Her grandson, Derek Ryan, lives at Calvin and goes to school at Stuart, OK.  He’s helped her run her lines and she said, “Looking at the world brand new through my nine-year-old grandson’s eyes is one of my very favorite things!”        


Norris will join newcomers Terri Boucher, Oakwood, Arianna Farris, Fay, Jovan Perez and Jay Bessinger, both from Watonga.   They will join Meagan Mathews, Sayre, and Nadine Pearson, Nancy Hursh, Joyce Ivins and Mickey Morgan, all of Watonga.


Set in the 1930’s and 40’s the play is about eight sisters who laugh, love, gossip, argue, make up and try to improve their bridge game.


Tickets go on sale March 28th.  Box Office hours are from 3:30 to 7 and the number is (580) 623-9666.  Show dates are Friday, Mar. 31st, Saturday, April 1, and Monday, April 3 at 7:30 PM.  The Sunday matinee is April 2 at 2:30.  Tickets are $6 for seniors and students and $8 for adults.

Also from out-of-town is Meagan Mathews, Sayre, and currently a graduate student at SWOSU, Weatherford.  Audiences will remember Mathews as Patsy Cline in previous productions of ALWAYS…PATSY CINE and PATSY CLINE…REVISITED. 

Recently the Watonga Lions Club made a large donation for the purchase of lights to the theatre.  Lighting designers James Tech and Nancy Hursh, with advice from professional consultant, Darryl Rodriquez, Amarillo, Texas, are working on special lighting for the theatre.

Stage managers and crew for the show are Janet Moore, Melissa Giles, Heather Simmons, Hilary Wright, Tiffany McDaniel, Aarti Gosai, and William Hartfield.   Ron Moore is set builder and Marie Tech is the costume designer.  Patt Ward Curtin directs.