Our purpose is to provide all in the community an opportunity to learn theatre arts and to participate in production and management of non-professional theatre.  

"The Company" Watonga Community Theatre, Inc. began in 1983 with its first production
of Plaza Suite in a junior high school auditorium. Since that inauspicious
beginning Watonga Community Theatre has performed more than 40 productions
in its permanent home, the Liberty Theatre, a facility conceived and
renovated from an old movie house. An annex housing the costume, dressing
rooms and scene shop was added in 1992.


Radio Daze

In May 25 years ago, the Watonga Community Theatre presented its first play, Neil Simon’s PLAZA SUITE, at the Watonga Middle School auditorium.

This spring the group will start their celebration of its 25th year with RADIO DAZE: Capturing the Radio Waves of 1952  at the Liberty Theatre, Thursday, May 1.  Additional performances are, Friday, May 2, Sunday matinee, May 4, and Monday, May 5.  Evening performances Thursday, Saturday, and Monday start at 7:30 PM, and the Sunday matinee begins at 2:30 PM.

Although the group did a  radio show in the fall of ’06, all the material, commercials, and music are new, Joyce Ivins, production coordinator said.


Reservations can be made by calling the box office at 580-623-9666 from 3:30 to 7 PM, April 29 through May 5.  Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for seniors/students.


The large cast show features radio shows, comedy, music, and commercials from the early 1950s.  Audiences will remember the old advertisements for Ajax, Brylcreem, Old Gold cigarettes, and Ipana toothpaste.  The episodic shows feature a British who-done-it, the classic re-telling of Superman and The Shadow, and a contemporary rendition of Noah and the Ark. 


Two years ago we had a radio broadcast show that was set in the 1940s.  Our audiences seemed to love it and so did our actors, but the show is completely new and different.  The ten-year span made a lot of difference in what was popular in the culture at that time.  Radio audiences still listened to their “shows” but the story lines were becoming more sophisticated and so was the advertising,”  Ivins  explained.


Radio host is Andy Barrett.  Barrett, a former Watonga High School graduate and his wife Linda, have recently moved back to Watonga.  The couple had lived in Dallas.  This is his debut on the Liberty stage.


Barrett and fellow actors Tim Scott and Chris Bordelon take on several different characters, dialects, and also provide some of the music in the show.


Backing them up with nostalgic radio sound effects are Chelsy Teply, Lauren Polson, and Jessica Rother.  Adding to the sound effects are Lorna Beckloff and Rhonda Olsen on the organ.  They have to produce the old-time heart throbbing notes, period music, and the suspenseful sounds for the hard-boiled detective show.

Other members of the “Twilighters” radio troupe are Terri Boucher, Darla Brooks, Rachel Hoile, Margie Hursh, Nancy Hursh, Talon Ice, Joyce Ivins, Randy Powers, Lorrin Province, Rachel Schroeder, Kendra Shaw and Hilary Wright.

Stage managers are Tiffany McDaniel and Kara Ennen.  Others working on the show  are Ron and Janet Moore, James and Marie Tech, Nancy Hursh, Glenda Wickware, Bill Wickware, Lanee Mahoney, Lori Osmus, Denice Green, Micky Morgan, Katie Gilliland,Jessica Roser, Jennie Liles, Linda Barrett, Ben Tripp, Chelsea Bernhardt, Justin Pierce, Kale Goerke, Quinton McGuire, and Tawny Brady.

Patt Ward Curtin, George Ann Bordelon, and Joyce Invins make up the production team.