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 After much anticipation, it is great to say that Watonga Cheese is finally HERE! The Perryton factory has begun manufacturing and the Watonga retail location now has mild cheddar, cheddar pepper, bacon cheddar and onion cheddar, as well as the beloved curds in yellow, white and jalapeno.

The Plant Place on Hwy 33 (south of Love's) is the official local retail location and will be having a cheese tasting on Friday the 17th, from 10am to 4pm. Please stop by for tasting and to offer your thanks to Jacky & June for helping to bring this back to Watonga. If you need to give them a call, you can reach them at 580-623-8579.

And remember, when you are asked by locals or visitors where they can find Watonga Cheese, send them down to the Plant Place! interviews

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